Silver and Mint – A Cool Colour Combo


Fresh and cool, you can almost feel it lightly brushing your skin. There’s something very calming about the marriage of Silver and Mint. I’m quite obsessed with this colour combination at the moment. Perhaps it’s because it looks so clean yet un-clinical, and is just too, too pretty. I’m dreaming of a sophisticated den all my own with mint walls and a silver desk – light streaming in from a mint draped window reflecting off my chrome floor lamp (like the pic below).

Mint and Silver 1 -

You could just forget all your troubles in a room like this, couldn’t you? But what makes the mint/silver palette work? And how is it saved from being too ‘wedding-ish’ and looking like a bag of pastel lollies? I think you can go two ways: modern or unadulterated soft and girly. My preference is the former, and I believe the colours work brilliantly in the room above because they are set against a predominantly white backdrop but with pops of other unexpected colour like the soft purple, and beige leather of the chairs. The other reason is that the room has a really modern choice of furniture – streamlined, uncluttered and minimal.

The same goes for the room below only it has a much more feminine appeal in the choice of furnishings. It still feels modern, however, due to the clean lines of the 60s style stool and light fitting, but with a distinct deco flavour, which is ultra cool and sleek. The white carpet is the ultimate luxury (which I will probably never experience!).

Mint and Silver 2 -

If your home is a white canvas you could try just about anything including Silver and Mint – maybe even just a touch in the form of a pretty garland or painting. I recently snared some gorgeous wallpaper swatches (which are probably the reason for my new colour crush). They’d look gorgeous in white frames on a picture wall. Hmmm . . . new project, perhaps?

Look for more Silver and Mint inspiration on my Pinterest board. Just click on the icon above.

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Autumn Magic


Autumn Interiors. It felt so wrong to just call it that because Autumn conjures so many images in my mind that actually have nothing to do with interiors – the stunning blast of mind-blowing colour, for instance on trees everywhere. Even in the school yard yesterday, on my way to doing the mundane things like handing in forms and picking up school uniforms, I was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful oak I hadn’t noticed before right outside the school office. I had to stop my kids for just a sec so we could all take it in. Orange and red. Strangely, the sister tree directly opposite was still green.

Autumn 1 - Robert O'Deegan

I also remember my cousin and I when we were about thirteen in the Rocket Park in leafy Hawthorn. We were throwing ourselves in the piles of leaves that scatter that regal space (a miniature botanical gardens) every fall and throwing them in the air for hours. It was wonderful to watch them flutter down around us in the dappled sunshine fighting through the bare branches above.

In contrast, any kind of Autumn influence in the home seems static, but I think if you can adapt its magic in some way you can still enjoy the colour, the warmth and the excitement of this season. For more inspiration go to my Pinterest board and search for Autumn Interiors (the icon above will take you there).

Autumn 2 -

Whenever I think of Autumn I think of warm, earthy and bright colours – just like the autumn leaves turning brown. Typical autumnal tones are yellow, orange, red and brown. Natural and rustic surfaces also work brilliantly to bring seasonal deliciousness. The brick walls and natural tones of the room above are so welcoming and cosy I could just sit in that space reading and drinking hot chocolate all day (if I actually had some time to do just that). And, in my opinion, there’s nothing like a bit of gold to perk up your earthy interior if you like a bit of pizzazz. I think that’s what I’d add here . . . just a touch.

Autumn 3 -

If the above-mentioned colour scheme is not your thing, try a still earthy palette in another colour like this pic above. I love the aubergine and blue selection with the orange and the wood. What a perfect feature wall and a fun afternoon spent creating it (if you’ve got the guts!). Or you could just sit by the fire and enjoy this time of the year when it’s not quite freezing and the world outside just takes your breath away!

Autumn 4 - the ABC book of Autumn


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Image 5 – The ABC Book of Autumn




African Interiors



I’m loving African style right now. When you think about it, some of the most popular Australian homewares and furniture are inspired by the African continent – Mark Tuckey’s Egg Cup Stools, that gorgeous Cameroon headdress above Megan Morton’s fireplace or Lucas Grogan’s designer plates. See – you never knew how much you too loved African style. Africa is a vast continent, though, that encompasses the bright and magical style of Morocco and Egypt to the more subdued and classic interiors of South Africa. Mostly, though, it’s all about connecting with the exotic and the wild! Here are some ways you can incorporate African homewares and furniture into your own home. You can check out my African Pinterest board for even more inspiration:

Africa Article - image 1 a)



African Article - image 2


You must have wood – big chunky wooden furniture pieces, wooden masks, urns, bowls and other wooden artefacts all help to acieve the earthiness of an African inspired home. Even a couple of wooden stools or just a cluster of wooden candlesticks can be enough of a nod to this style.


African Article - image 3


As mentioned above, for a more Egyptian/Moroccan look try bright natural ochre, green and burnt red, or classic white with dark wood for a south African influence. This style is a versatile as you.


African Article - image 4


Another African influence is our love of animal hides and taxidermy. This is hugely African, but you can purchase ethically sourced animals (if that’s even possible) or choose wooden animal heads if the real deal makes you feel uncomfortable. Woven rugs in bright geometric patterns are also fabulous. Try black-and-white for a hint of zebra without the zebra!


African Article - image 5

Decorative Elements

That Lucas Grogan plate? Imagine some wall mounted ceramics in a similar style? Gorgeous. What about a big earthernware pot at the front door for your umbrellas? Simple but effective. And if you have real African artefacts (mabe from your visit to the Serengeti) then these must be wall-mounted, too, or perhaps on display on a gorgeous sideboard (chunky wood?). There are lots of little ways to capture the excitement and mystique of Africa.

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