Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboards 1

I love chalkboard paint. Wherever I am living, I always try to incorporate a full chalkboard wall into the house. They are handy and beautiful. Black is a fabulous colour. Even if you decide to keep your chalkboard bare, it will still look fabulous.


The chalkboard wall in our house is beside the wood stack. It is a nook we created beside the open fire and it was begging to be painted. It’s a perfect spot, too, to place in-your-face messages such as DO YOUR HOMEWORK or the housework roster. Something to remind you, as you exit the kitchen, of what you will actually ignore (at least in our house). To make myself feel better about my messages not being taken seriously, I sometimes draw a pretty picture. Make Peace.


Below are a couple of examples I love, where the chalkboard has been put to good use – even in the bedroom!

Chalkboard 2

I love this idea for an office, kitchen or hall. You can buy lots of different chalkboard colours nowadays like these different shades of grey. But I’ve also seen green and red.

Chalkboard 3

This is more like the chalkboard wall in our house – TRASHED! But don’t you just love that everyone can add anything to it? Clearly some kids have been at this wall, which makes me ponder over the positioning of that cactus. Hmmm.

Chalkboard 4

In the bedroom. Dramatic. Could be sexy even (that’s a questionable suggestion).

Perhaps there is a wall in your home that could be quickly and relatively cheaply (the good chalkboard paint is a little expensive) transformed with a bit of chalkboard paint. I recommend three coats, but two will be enough if you can’t be bothered. You can also get chalkboard spray paint. Just makes sure you spray it in the right spot!

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Internal Courtyards

The black - courtyard


So back to my dream house plans that I was telling you about a few weeks ago, I am focusing on Internal Courtyards today. Now this would be a dream! Actually, we already have an internal courtyard, which we use to store our bikes (see – I told you we have a storage problem). It’s a shame, really, because this area could be quite nice with a little table and chairs and some pot plants. If we weren’t worried about our bikes getting nicked (it’s inner-city living) and if I was okay with having cat litter in the house (it’s also in the courtyard) then we would have a chance of utilizing this space in a more aesthetic and pleasurable way. But the new house plans have a bike shed and the cat litter – ugh! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


I did dress up our courtyard a few years back before we got our Christmas bikes from Santa – way back when I had just written Little Things for Busy Hands and the Herald Sun Home mag came round to do a feature on me. Our house looked so good that a friend admitted she had shrieked with laughter upon seeing my bedroom in the paper because it had NEVER looked that tidy when we were roommates back in the day. But let’s not harp on about that. Quickly back to the internal courtyard . . .


Because we live in a single-fronted Victorian terrace situated quite close to our neighbours on both sides, our courtyard acts as a fabulous light well for our living room, which would be quite dark if the light well wasn’t there. It could also give you a lovely aspect from the living-room window (if you had some perfectly positioned pot plants).


I would like to extend our internal courtyard and make it even bigger so that it doubles as an entertaining space as well as providing an abundance of light into the main living area (which would actually become the kitchen). My dream would be to plant a little tree in the centre with miniature roots that didn’t screw up our storm water drains like the last tree in the courtyard (god rest its photosynthesized soul).


Check out these amazing internal courtyard ideas or go to my Pinterest board for more inspiration: - courtyard - courtyard


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Study Nooks

Study 1

You may have noticed if you follow me on Pinterest that I have a board called ‘Dream Home’, ‘Dream’ being the operative word at this stage. But we really would like to do something radical to our home at some stage – mostly just to flex our creativity and personalize our home. I feel very privileged to own a home (despite its hidden horrors), but some storage space would be nice : )

For the next couple of weeks I thought I would let you in on my grand plan and show you the sort of house of my dreams (well, something within the walls of what we already have that is a bit better).


The main problem with our current house is not its size – I’m intrigued by some people’s desire to live in huge houses that just require more cleaning (and ya know how I feel about housework). But we have no storage. Our study is in our bedroom, which is sooo romantic. I love looking at the printer when I wake each morning knowing that it is just a cartridge away from being hurled out the window. We’re also lucky to have a second study on the dining table. Lucky, I say – lucky.



When Dan was working from home, this was his workstation replete with printer, two computer screens, a massive phone and keyboard. The bed became his table for sorting documents. Not ideal.


So, for our Dream Home, I decided we need a storage/study nook that would hide all this shit away and also the person operating it. It doesn’t have to be a big space – maybe 2m x 2m. I even thought of incorporating a study under the stairs. It kind of opened my mind to the possibilities of all sorts of spaces that could be turned into workable areas shut off somehow from the rest of the house.


My requirements are lots of cupboard space – high and low – with at least a 1.2m long desk space (especially good for me to proofread hardcopy pages). And I decided that this space does not need a window, either, which opens it up to all sorts of possibilities. Yes – I would love a window in the study, but you can’t have everything and a study in itself is a luxury. I’m not sure what the rules are, but I think as long as it has ventilation, you don’t necessarily need a window.


Check out the ideas below or go to my ‘Study’ board on Pinterest (just click the Pinterest icon above):

Study 2 Study 4Study 2


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