You will need:

4 x pieces of balsa wood approximately 25cm in length and 10cm in width

A hot glue gun

A glass jar (that is narrower than 10cm and no taller than 20cm)

What to do: 

Heat your glue gun and squeeze some glue on the edges of one of your balsa pieces (lengthways)

Press two of the other balsa pieces onto the glue (lengthways)

Squeeze some more glue onto the edges of the final piece of balsa wood and push it into place to form a box

Fill the jar with water and place into the box (the box does not have a bottom)

Pop your flowers in and – voila!


Spring Potted Colour


A spring garden filled with beautiful flowers and herbs in colourful pots will really lift your spirits. If you like something that stands out from the usual terracotta variety of pots, then this project can achieve just that. It’s a great craft to make with leftover fave pieces of fabric, too.

You Will Need:

Some plain terracotta pots

Modge podge glue or gel medium (available from craft stores)

Fabric scraps


A paintbrush

What to Do:

Cut your fabric into small squares about 5cm x 5cm

Paint a small section on the surface of your pot and begin applying the fabric over the pot

Repeat this process till the pot is completely covered

Cover the fabric all over in one coat of the mode podge to seal it

Plant the flowers and enjoy

I’ve had my pots out for months in the rain and sunshine and they still look great, so don’t worry about having to protect these lovely pots from the elements.



Winter Warmers


You Will Need:

Some small squares of fabric (roughly 10cm x 10cm)

Some pinking shears

A funnel (can be made from rolled-up paper)

Wheat or rice

A sewing machine or needle and thread

What to do:

Place two squares together then trim with the pinking shears (to create some edges that won’t fray)

Sew around the edges (about 1/2 cm in from the edge) and leave a small hole to allow filling

Fill your square pocket with wheat or rice through the funnel (not too much wheat or rice!)

Sew up the gap and they are ready to heat in the microwave!