Daughter of Nomads


Daughter of Nomads is the first in a two-book series by much-loved writer Rosanne Hawke. This magical story draws readers into the ancient world of the Mughal Empire in 1662, where fourteen-year-old Jahani is in fear for her life after an assassination attempt. Upon discovering that her life is not as it seems, Jahani embarks on an adventure filled with danger, mystery and magic, to find out who she really is.

This book is a beautiful and romantic read, and the setting is extremely exotic and compelling. I also fell in love with the main character, Jahani, who is so feisty and strong. She is a complex girl who is being constantly challenged, and, like all teenage girls, struggles with her identity and wears her heart on her sleeve. As much as she is challenged she also challenges those around her and yet is able to form strong bonds through her compassionate nature and her positive outlook on life (even in some pretty dramatic circumstances). It also helps that she has some fabulous abilities that allow her to experience life on an ultra level!

Roseanne has drawn from her direct experience of living in the Pakistani Karakoram Mountains and the fantastic setting certainly shows her love of this area of the world. It is not only a story of adventure, but also a travel story relaying the awesome beauty of the himalayas and surrounding terrain. Throughout the riveting plot, Rosanne’s prose is classic and delicate, which is perfect for the setting and seems to capture the romance of a magical time from the past.

I recommend this book and the forthcoming title The Leopard Princess to all children 10+ and even YA readers. It is published by University of Queensland Press and available from all bookstores for $16.95. Find out more at www.uqp.uq.edu.au