Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboards 1

I love chalkboard paint. Wherever I am living, I always try to incorporate a full chalkboard wall into the house. They are handy and beautiful. Black is a fabulous colour. Even if you decide to keep your chalkboard bare, it will still look fabulous.


The chalkboard wall in our house is beside the wood stack. It is a nook we created beside the open fire and it was begging to be painted. It’s a perfect spot, too, to place in-your-face messages such as DO YOUR HOMEWORK or the housework roster. Something to remind you, as you exit the kitchen, of what you will actually ignore (at least in our house). To make myself feel better about my messages not being taken seriously, I sometimes draw a pretty picture. Make Peace.


Below are a couple of examples I love, where the chalkboard has been put to good use – even in the bedroom!

Chalkboard 2

I love this idea for an office, kitchen or hall. You can buy lots of different chalkboard colours nowadays like these different shades of grey. But I’ve also seen green and red.

Chalkboard 3

This is more like the chalkboard wall in our house – TRASHED! But don’t you just love that everyone can add anything to it? Clearly some kids have been at this wall, which makes me ponder over the positioning of that cactus. Hmmm.

Chalkboard 4

In the bedroom. Dramatic. Could be sexy even (that’s a questionable suggestion).

Perhaps there is a wall in your home that could be quickly and relatively cheaply (the good chalkboard paint is a little expensive) transformed with a bit of chalkboard paint. I recommend three coats, but two will be enough if you can’t be bothered. You can also get chalkboard spray paint. Just makes sure you spray it in the right spot!

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