Manuscript Appraisal Competition


Just a reminder that the deadline for the Manuscript Appraisal Comp is October 31. Make sure you tell all your writer friends and subscribe to the website to be in the running!
A few writers have asked if they can submit part of a manuscript. This is fine, but just remember that this is not the same as submitting your manuscript to a publishing house, where you can simply send a few chapters and the in-house editor contacts you if they want to see more of your story. I am offering a comprehensive report and suggestions to the lucky recipient – a chance to polish your manuscript BEFORE you submit to publishers. So a full manuscript is preferable. With industry experience, I am in a good position to give you an idea of what publishers might be looking for and to offer you some other options for your story. It’s a great opportunity to gain some valuable feedback about your story that the in-house editors simply do not have time to do.

So go for it! I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes in. I’ve been really impressed so far with the top proposals so far, not to mention the professionalism and dedication of emerging writers across Australia. So super!