Internal Courtyards

The black - courtyard


So back to my dream house plans that I was telling you about a few weeks ago, I am focusing on Internal Courtyards today. Now this would be a dream! Actually, we already have an internal courtyard, which we use to store our bikes (see – I told you we have a storage problem). It’s a shame, really, because this area could be quite nice with a little table and chairs and some pot plants. If we weren’t worried about our bikes getting nicked (it’s inner-city living) and if I was okay with having cat litter in the house (it’s also in the courtyard) then we would have a chance of utilizing this space in a more aesthetic and pleasurable way. But the new house plans have a bike shed and the cat litter – ugh! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


I did dress up our courtyard a few years back before we got our Christmas bikes from Santa – way back when I had just written Little Things for Busy Hands and the Herald Sun Home mag came round to do a feature on me. Our house looked so good that a friend admitted she had shrieked with laughter upon seeing my bedroom in the paper because it had NEVER looked that tidy when we were roommates back in the day. But let’s not harp on about that. Quickly back to the internal courtyard . . .


Because we live in a single-fronted Victorian terrace situated quite close to our neighbours on both sides, our courtyard acts as a fabulous light well for our living room, which would be quite dark if the light well wasn’t there. It could also give you a lovely aspect from the living-room window (if you had some perfectly positioned pot plants).


I would like to extend our internal courtyard and make it even bigger so that it doubles as an entertaining space as well as providing an abundance of light into the main living area (which would actually become the kitchen). My dream would be to plant a little tree in the centre with miniature roots that didn’t screw up our storm water drains like the last tree in the courtyard (god rest its photosynthesized soul).


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