Do You Have a Story?


Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a burning desire to be a published author? Would you like some help fulfilling your dream??

I worked as an in-house editor at Penguin Australia for 8 years and have a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of publishing and writing. Since leaving Penguin I have mentored numerous writers and have a passion for assisting emerging writers – getting their manuscripts ship-shape ready for publication or, in some cases, helping writers to pitch their manuscript to publishers. I am opening my doors to manuscripts right here right now and offering one lucky writer a 1500-word (picture book) – 2000-word (chapter book) manuscript appraisal worth $350, for FREE!

All you have to do is send me your manuscript electronically to and subscribe to my website by October 31.

If you would like to find out more about my manuscript appraisal, editing and industry-advice service, just click on to the ‘Editing Services’ page for more details.

I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

K x