All That Glitters DIY


I’ve been quite taken by glitter today. Glittery fashion, homewares and the sort of make-up that you could never really wear out and about, but that looks super couture and a little bit arty. Maybe it’s the build-up to Halloween. Maybe it’s just that I need to get out of my jeans.

Today’s project is all about adding a little glitter into your day. Try it with this glitter cutlery. A good way to spruce up an old set (but not your great grandmother’s!) or a cheap set from Woolies.

You will need:

Some old or cheap cutlery

Masking tape

Some coloured spray paint

2 plastic or paper bowls

Some glitter in the same colour as your paint


Clear spray paint

What to do:

Place a bit of masking tape around the top of your cutlery to form a line where the paint will stop (preferably before the bits that touch your mouth).

One utensil at a time, spray the piece of cutlery with the coloured spray paint.

While the paint is still wet, hold the cutlery piece over the bowl and pour the glitter over the wet section of the cutlery. Flip the cutlery and hold over the other bowl and pour the remaining glitter from your first bowl over the other side of the cutlery piece.

Place your glittery utensil on the newspaper to dry and repeat with the other cutlery pieces.

Once the cutlery is dry, spray with a coat of clear spray paint and leave to dry again.


Check out these pics for some more glittery inspiration or go to my Pinterest board.

Glitter Glitter Glitter Glitter -


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