DIY Book Art



There are so many very talented and patient paper artists out there, who are creating wonderful, almost sculptural art from books. And being a book person (or at least ‘word’ person) it fascinates me how the book can be used in this way.

I have chosen a very simple folding technique for my books – page in half, or alternating pages in half in opposite directions – so you can see how a simple fold can work so beautifully. Grab some old books from the op-shop and experiment. I also mounted my books on the wall with that sticky velcro stuff from Bunnings. Looks good, I think.


DIY Nursery Feature


Last week we celebrated my brother and sister-in-law’s impending birth with a gorgeous baby shower. Yes, it’s exciting about the baby, but I was also pretty excited about the cakes on offer! There were lemon tarts, strawberry eclairs and chocolate and raspberry mousse cakes; as well as some yummy punches (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Somebody went to a lot of trouble decorating the place with a clothesline of adorable little singlets, thongs and nappies as well as a table of pink sweets in jars with little paper bags in pink (the baby will be a girl) and small bottles with pink and white striped straws. I’m sure we won’t be getting too many more of these delightful soirees once the baby is born, so I made the most of it! And when we got to the present-opening part of the day, there were abundant oohs and aahs as we pored over the miniature little suits and the cute toys for the baby. It is truly astounding how small babies are and even the hardest heart has to melt over how sweet all those little clothes are. Needless to say, my sister-in-law found it a little creepy when I said, ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby.’ I suppose that could sound a little creepy.


Anyway, in the height of baby love, I created this little nursery decoration for those of you expecting. And if you aren’t, then it will look just as good in your own room.


You will need:


A small stick (about 25cms long)


A paper bird (you could make your own paper origami crane, but I bought my bird form Lincraft)


Soldering wire


Wire cutters




Hot glue


Ribbon or shredded fabric lengths


What to do:


Cut a length of wire about 35cms long.


Bend the ends of the wire around the ends of the stick and then mould the wire into an arc shape.


Tie the end of your ribbon or fabric strip to the end of the stick where it intersects with the wire, then wrap around the wire till you reach the other end. Then tie off and cut.


Tie a length of ribbon or fabric around the height of the arc and another length of ribbon or fabric in a bow at one stick/wire intersection.


Lastly, attach your bird to the stick either with hot glue or by wrapping the wire feet around the stick.


DIY Crockery Design


I never knew you could simply draw on a plate with a Sharpie pen and bake it in the oven for 1/2 an hour to produce a completely new dinner set. But there you have it. Simple project for if you are completely without anything else to do!

What You Need:

Some plain white crockery

A Sharpie pen

An oven

What to do:

Simple draw your design on the plate or cup with your Sharpie pen then bake in a very hot oven (about 300 degrees celsius) for 30 mins. The design will not wash off without some serious elbow grease or nail-polish remover.