DIY Mouse Pad


See the Post-It note? That’s right – tax return time. If you can, at least make it a little more enjoyable with some bright orange dots . . . if you can. If it starts to annoy you, you could always use the cork under your hot casserole dish at the dining table!

What you Need:

Some cork (I got mine from Ikea)

A large bowl

A pen


Silver, white and orange paint

Something round to stamp your dots

Clear spray paint

What to Do:

Turn your large bowl upside-down on the cork and trace around with your pen

Cut out the circle from the cork

Dab your circle stamp into the orange paint and dot in a pattern on the cork, then follow with the white and then the silver paint making sure you clean the circular stamp in-between using colours

When the paint is dry spray a clear coat of spray paint over the top and leave to dry.