DIY Copper and Wood Candlesticks


You Will Need:

2 wooden chair feet (I got mine from Bunnings)

2 small copper plumbing rings (make sure the circumference is wide enough to fit a candlestick)

Gold spray paint

Black acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

A paint brush (derr)

Clear spray paint

A pencil

super glue

What to Do:

Spray paint your chair legs all over with the gold spray paint and leave to dry.

Mark out a geometric design on the gold chair legs with your pencil.

Paint the design with your white and black paint.

When dry, spray the chair legs all over with the clear spray paint and leave to dry again.

Using the super glue, attach the copper rings to the tops of your chair legs.

When the glue is dry, place your candles inside the copper rings and there you have two very gorgeous candlesticks.