Beautiful Doily Project


I feel like it’s minus 30 this winter. Should be snowing. At least that would be pretty and I would be mesmerised by the glittering snow and delicate snowflakes – like these lovelies doilies stretched across some embroidery rings and tied with white cotton. Creating some perfect snowflakes in my living room may just have to do while I rug up against the freezing Melbourne wind!

What you Need:

Various sizes of embroidery rings

White cotton thread

Doilies in various sizes to fit into the embroidery rings

A long stick

Some lace ribbon

What to Do:

Pull the embroidery rings apart

Place the embroidery rings onto a flat surface then place doilies inside the embroidery rings

Tie the doilies to the outside of the embroidery rings

Hang your doily rings onto your branch at varying heights and mount to the wall