Confetti Cups


Look, I wasn’t going to post this project as I reckon it’s so easy that it might not actually fall under the category of ‘project’ due to its utter simplicity. But then again, I was surprised how well these little stickers lasted and then thought that you could pop them on any kind of glassware (even your Riedels!) without too much fuss; and they’re easily removed – a non-permanent way to put a little pretty into your glassware for a special occasion. So why not, eh? Here it is: I have simply hole-punched post-it notes and stuck the circles to some glasses. Think ice-cream sundaes, champagne cocktails and maybe even white vases with pink roses. Of course you can go for a completely different colour-scheme, but perhaps steer clear of the boring and predictable faded yellow of the standard post-it. This confetti effect could also be achieved with glass paint (though this is slightly more messy and defeats the purpose of it being removable and easy, doesn’t it?). Have a go for your next party!




I was in Carpet Court the other day and I picked up some squares of discontinued carpet for next to nothing. Hmmm, what can I do with these? Chop, chop, sticky tape, sticky tape later (with special carpet tape), I had a little rug. Too easy. I got the squares form Carpet Court in South Melbourne and cut the pieces from the back of the carpet squares with a Stanley knife. You can get the special carpet tape from Bunnings. Have a go!