Kensington Arts and Craft Market


Someone posted something the other day on Instagram that really resonated with me. A Melbourne-based bespoke furniture maker had seen a cabinet out on the lawn waiting to be picked up by the council for the tip and had crunched some numbers: yes – the cabinet cost about a fifth of what a handmade piece would cost, but the point was the cheaper cabinet was now out on the strip, whereas the well-made cabinet would still be in your lounge and as sturdy and attractive as the day it arrived. This, in the long run, saves you thousands of dollars and reduces the amount of landfill we seem to be quite good at adding to. What am I getting at here? I think good quality and exceptional design cannot be underestimated and I reckon there are more and more people choosing to buy handcrafted gifts, clothes, furniture and homewares then ever before.


Hence, the success of local markets showcasing local, handmade stuff that is not only expertly crafted, but beautifully and uniquely designed. Kensington Arts and Craft market is one of those wonderful attractions that help promote the people responsible for creating all these awesome things and it now has enough stallholders to become a regular fixture on your calendar.

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Melina Caccetta, founder and coordinator of the market says, ‘ . . . the market provides artists with a wonderful platform to display their produce, perform and be an integral part of the community.’


The market is there not just to help artists promote their wares, but to create a buzz and a sense of community in the Flemington/Kensington area – a wonderful day out for locals to enjoy food, craft, art and entertainment. And if you don’t live in the area? One of the great things about the market’s proximity to the city and PT is that anyone can come from just about anywhere to enjoy this market. And with such a thriving and diverse immediate community, all are welcome.


So what will you find at the Kensington Arts and Craft Market? ‘With over 70 specialty stalls, this boutique market offers the public an eclectic mix of treasures from fresh produce, designer fashion and jewellery and an array of visual art creations, all encompassed within an environment filled with live music and buskers,’ says Melina. And its position within the Kensington Primary School provides a safe place for children to play so that their parents can enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

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You know what? With all that on offer, I don’t think I’ll ever have a need for Highpoint again!


You can see what it’s all about this month: June 22

Where: Kensington Primary School (entry via Epsom Rd or McCracken St, Kensington)

What time: 10am – 3pm

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