Silver and Mint – A Cool Colour Combo


Fresh and cool, you can almost feel it lightly brushing your skin. There’s something very calming about the marriage of Silver and Mint. I’m quite obsessed with this colour combination at the moment. Perhaps it’s because it looks so clean yet un-clinical, and is just too, too pretty. I’m dreaming of a sophisticated den all my own with mint walls and a silver desk – light streaming in from a mint draped window reflecting off my chrome floor lamp (like the pic below).

Mint and Silver 1 -

You could just forget all your troubles in a room like this, couldn’t you? But what makes the mint/silver palette work? And how is it saved from being too ‘wedding-ish’ and looking like a bag of pastel lollies? I think you can go two ways: modern or unadulterated soft and girly. My preference is the former, and I believe the colours work brilliantly in the room above because they are set against a predominantly white backdrop but with pops of other unexpected colour like the soft purple, and beige leather of the chairs. The other reason is that the room has a really modern choice of furniture – streamlined, uncluttered and minimal.

The same goes for the room below only it has a much more feminine appeal in the choice of furnishings. It still feels modern, however, due to the clean lines of the 60s style stool and light fitting, but with a distinct deco flavour, which is ultra cool and sleek. The white carpet is the ultimate luxury (which I will probably never experience!).

Mint and Silver 2 -

If your home is a white canvas you could try just about anything including Silver and Mint – maybe even just a touch in the form of a pretty garland or painting. I recently snared some gorgeous wallpaper swatches (which are probably the reason for my new colour crush). They’d look gorgeous in white frames on a picture wall. Hmmm . . . new project, perhaps?

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Mint and Silver 3 - Elisabeth NicoleImage Credits:

Image 1 – Katie Evans

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Image 4 – Elisabeth Nicole