DIY Light Box


A very cool little light box to add some interest to a bare wall. It’s more decorative than useful, but it looks great! You can use any image – even pictures of pets, friends and family. I grabbed my lights from Ikea – they also come in red, which would be particularly atmospheric!


What You Need:


1 small canvas frame (less than A4 size and 2–3 cm thickness)


Tracing paper (A4 size)


A colour photocopier




Sticky tape


Small fairy lights with switch (not plug-in)


What To Do:



1. Remove the canvas from your canvas frame


2. Choose an image and save to your computer


3. Place tracing paper into the photocopier tray and print saved image


4. Leave image to dry and trim to the size of your frame (leaving a 2mm overlap at the sides




5. Wrap image over frame and sticky-tape at sides


6. Place fairly lights into the frame and mount on the wall