DIY Hanging Moss Ball


You Will Need:

A small pot plant (succulents work best)

A packet of sphagnum moss

Coloured wool or twine

A spray gun of water

What To Do:


1. Grab a handful of moss from the packet and spread into a little mat

2. Take your plant its container and place (soil and all) into the centre of your moss mat, then pull the mat up and around the plant. Wrap the string around to keep the moss in place and tie.

3. Continue to wrap the string at different angles around the moss-covered plant until it becomes sphere-like. This may take a while and your sphere will look a bit dodgy at first, but the more you wrap, the better the ball.

When your done, simply tie the end of the string and cut. You can create a hook by finding two spots at the top of the ball to tie a separate piece of string to.

Spray with water from time to time or when the plant is looking dry.