DIY Handmade Candles




I made a batch of these beautiful soy candles for our Mother’s Day stall at the local school and they were snapped up! Who wouldn’t want one with their pure white soy wax and gorgeous essential oils. I ordered a batch of soy wax flakes online and had them delivered to my door. Too easy!

What you need:


Cooking Twine


Sticky tape

Soy Wax shavings

An aluminium saucepan

Essential oils

A spoon

A funnel


Glass Jars


What to do:


1. Cut some lengths of twine that measure from the base of your jars to roughly 5cm above the lid of your jars.

2. Break some skewers in half.

3. One by one tie one end of the twine to the centre of your skewers.

4. Unscrew the lids form your jars and tape the end of the twine without the skewer to the centre of the bottom of your jars. Your skewers will rest at the top of the jars to ensure the twine remains centred in the jar.


5. Pour the soy wax flakes into the aluminium saucepan and heat till melted. Use the spoon to stir.

6. When the wax begins to melt, pour your essential oil into the wax.

7. Heat the wax till completely melted.

8. Using the funnel, pour the melted wax into the jars to below the rim, then set aside to harden (about 5 hours). Trim the skewers off the wicks.