DIY Coasters


Coasters are handy little decorative things that also make great gifts. And they are so easy anyone can make them. Stylish or kitsch they are always cool. You could even use favourite photographs of loved ones or places you’ve travelled.

What You Need:

Cork board (available from most craft stores)


Paper or fabric

Gel medium


Clear gloss spray paint


What To Do:

1. Cut out your cork in either circles or squares (with rounded edges is best so the cork doesn’t crumble at the edges)

2. Place the coke pieces on the paper, fabric or photographs you have chosen (on the opposite side to the image or print of the paper/fabric) and trace around the shapes

3. Cut out your images, paper or fabric

4. Paint some gel medium on the images, paper or fabric (on the opposite side to the image/print) and stick to the cork pieces

5. Paint gel medium over the stuck image/print so that the top of the coaster is completely covered with the gel medium

6. When the gel is dry, add a coat of clear gloss spray paint to seal and then to dry