Autumn Magic


Autumn Interiors. It felt so wrong to just call it that because Autumn conjures so many images in my mind that actually have nothing to do with interiors – the stunning blast of mind-blowing colour, for instance on trees everywhere. Even in the school yard yesterday, on my way to doing the mundane things like handing in forms and picking up school uniforms, I was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful oak I hadn’t noticed before right outside the school office. I had to stop my kids for just a sec so we could all take it in. Orange and red. Strangely, the sister tree directly opposite was still green.

Autumn 1 - Robert O'Deegan

I also remember my cousin and I when we were about thirteen in the Rocket Park in leafy Hawthorn. We were throwing ourselves in the piles of leaves that scatter that regal space (a miniature botanical gardens) every fall and throwing them in the air for hours. It was wonderful to watch them flutter down around us in the dappled sunshine fighting through the bare branches above.

In contrast, any kind of Autumn influence in the home seems static, but I think if you can adapt its magic in some way you can still enjoy the colour, the warmth and the excitement of this season. For more inspiration go to my Pinterest board and search for Autumn Interiors (the icon above will take you there).

Autumn 2 -

Whenever I think of Autumn I think of warm, earthy and bright colours – just like the autumn leaves turning brown. Typical autumnal tones are yellow, orange, red and brown. Natural and rustic surfaces also work brilliantly to bring seasonal deliciousness. The brick walls and natural tones of the room above are so welcoming and cosy I could just sit in that space reading and drinking hot chocolate all day (if I actually had some time to do just that). And, in my opinion, there’s nothing like a bit of gold to perk up your earthy interior if you like a bit of pizzazz. I think that’s what I’d add here . . . just a touch.

Autumn 3 -

If the above-mentioned colour scheme is not your thing, try a still earthy palette in another colour like this pic above. I love the aubergine and blue selection with the orange and the wood. What a perfect feature wall and a fun afternoon spent creating it (if you’ve got the guts!). Or you could just sit by the fire and enjoy this time of the year when it’s not quite freezing and the world outside just takes your breath away!

Autumn 4 - the ABC book of Autumn


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Image 2 – Robert O’Deegan

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Image 5 – The ABC Book of Autumn