Flaunt Design – 5 Top Tips for Salvaging Vintage Furniture


Elizabeth Lawrence from Flaunt Design is renowned for her fabulous upholstery – not only is the finish on her work of the highest standard, this stylish lady definitely knows a thing or two about design. Her bright and daring work is sought after, especially when her clients need a complete transformation of a ruined masterpiece with ‘potential’. So when sorting through relative’s hand-me downs, the hard rubbish or scouring the op shops, what should we be looking for? Elizabeth shares her top 5 tips for uncovering that hidden, unpolished gem.



1. Watch for Wobbles

Ideally, go for a chair that doesn’t have wobbles. It’s no biggie if it does, but if your fab find has a sturdy structure and all the arms and legs are intact, you’re off to a good start.


2. Splits Equals Splitsville

Worse than the wobbles is the splits. If the wood is split anywhere it’s going to be really hard to repair – expensive and always prone to splitting again. If the wood’s split, it might be worth parting ways with this chair.


3. Don’t Get Sprung

Springs can be reworked and pushed up, or completely removed and redone, but where the springs have collapsed in on themselves then that’s another issue altogether. And where the springs have snapped or completely deteriorated, it might become expensive to fix. It’s not impossible, but it will take more time and, you know the saying: ‘Time equals money!’


4. Foam, Form and Fabric

Foam is easily replaced, as is shredded and disgusting fabric. These parts of the chair can be as rotten as hell. Eeuww!


5. All Class!

Sometimes people just don’t know what they’ve thrown out. It’s still possible to find a collectible chair or sofa for next to nothing (rare but possible!). Classic and popular styles that are covetable are Danish styles with contoured arms and a graceful and elegant shape. Australian styles like Tessa, Fler and TH Brown are great finds because they are so well built and often the foam is still intact. And they’re just so damn stylish!


Elizabeth adds that quality and form shine through. And if the chair is collectible, it’s worth reupholstering. Something bespoke and vintage will be valuable over time in contrast to something mass-produced, which will lose value. Mass produced furniture has a life span of roughly five years. Good quality vintage furniture that is well looked after can become a lifetime investment.


If you think you may have found something worthy of your time and outlay for  reupholstering, contact Elizabeth for a quote. All you need is a pic of the chair or sofa as well as pics of the worst bits and she can tell you what’s possible.


Email: info@flaunt.com.au

Web: www.flaunt.com.au

Flaunt Orange Chairs

Images courtesy of Flaunt Design