DIY Drinking-Straw Diamond Mobile

IMG_4769What You Need:

Some pretty drinking straws

Cotton thread

A skewer

(a hot glue gun)

What To Do:

Tie a length of cotton to the middle of your skewer and thread through three of the straws. Pull the cotton taught at the end to make a triangle. Tie off, but don’t cut off the thread – thread another two straws onto the cotton to make another side of the triangle and so on till you have completed the shape. You can always knot a new length of the cotton onto a point of the shape if you run out of thread. Also – if you just can’t be bothered – grab a hot glue gun and whack the triangles together that way. If you use hot glue, my advice is to start with a triangle base and make the upright triangle from that flat base.

Here is the mobile with some pretty lights I found at Ikea. Lovely! This would make a beautiful and magical light display in a children’s room or at an intimate and romantic dinner.