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I’m loving African style right now. When you think about it, some of the most popular Australian homewares and furniture are inspired by the African continent – Mark Tuckey’s Egg Cup Stools, that gorgeous Cameroon headdress above Megan Morton’s fireplace or Lucas Grogan’s designer plates. See – you never knew how much you too loved African style. Africa is a vast continent, though, that encompasses the bright and magical style of Morocco and Egypt to the more subdued and classic interiors of South Africa. Mostly, though, it’s all about connecting with the exotic and the wild! Here are some ways you can incorporate African homewares and furniture into your own home. You can check out my African Pinterest board for even more inspiration:

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You must have wood – big chunky wooden furniture pieces, wooden masks, urns, bowls and other wooden artefacts all help to acieve the earthiness of an African inspired home. Even a couple of wooden stools or just a cluster of wooden candlesticks can be enough of a nod to this style.


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As mentioned above, for a more Egyptian/Moroccan look try bright natural ochre, green and burnt red, or classic white with dark wood for a south African influence. This style is a versatile as you.


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Another African influence is our love of animal hides and taxidermy. This is hugely African, but you can purchase ethically sourced animals (if that’s even possible) or choose wooden animal heads if the real deal makes you feel uncomfortable. Woven rugs in bright geometric patterns are also fabulous. Try black-and-white for a hint of zebra without the zebra!


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Decorative Elements

That Lucas Grogan plate? Imagine some wall mounted ceramics in a similar style? Gorgeous. What about a big earthernware pot at the front door for your umbrellas? Simple but effective. And if you have real African artefacts (mabe from your visit to the Serengeti) then these must be wall-mounted, too, or perhaps on display on a gorgeous sideboard (chunky wood?). There are lots of little ways to capture the excitement and mystique of Africa.

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